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Newspaper of The Majestic Whale




An unbelievable natural formation of abstract blow art created in South Australia

For some unknown reason, this piece of nonrepresentational abstract blow art, depicts a mysterious and mesmerising ocean theme, with a focus on the majestic whale. After only a short observance you can clearly see the whale, the nose, mouth, underside, and belly, but not only that, you can see the way it looks to be lunging towards the top of the surface giving a ripple effect and to top it off, bubbles around (whitewashed) within.

Three acrylic blue colours were used for this abstract which created another mystical feature. Unbelievably accurate to the beauty of the ocean, in appearance almost fluorescent, not intended to have been formed in the way it has settled, depicting the colour of the ocean, the bubbles, whiteness at the surface and the velocity of the whale.

This can't just be a coincidence and truly believe that this is a message given to us from beyond the blue oceans.  We praise this spiritual piece of work and call it "The Majestic Whale".

People can take beautiful photos with a mobile phone and many transform their art image via software into what they call, abstract art.  Some selling these images online. These images however tend to be converted easily with randomly generated algorithms.

This piece is a naturally formed non-intended abstract piece of art that magically transformed into a whale wonder theme for our world to see.

Whale Art Rotating
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I WAS HERE - Purchased this piece for an undisclosed amount. The owner of I WAS HERE has created some merchandise from the original piece including:

  • Stubby Holders
  • Calendars
  • Coasters
  • Greeting Cards
  • Postcards etc...

All merchandise can also be purchased at the markets or online right here online.

You can see the Majestic Whale & buy merchandise at the Victor Harbour beachside market, every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month.

Victor Harbor Beachside Market


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